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Finite Element Software

Innovative engineering solutions need robust and innovative software. With RFEM and RSTAB, you won't be 1 step ahead of the competition, but leaps and bounds ahead with it's full analysis and design capability covering most country requirements.


From budget machines to high-spec purpose-built PCs, we can meet all your needs. We supply PCs, notebooks and tablets to support your software requirements, along with an array of other equipment that can open new possibilities for your business.

Software Development

Functional software solutions aimed at small business to automate mundane and time-consuming tasks, to free you to focus on what matters - your business.

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Innovative, cutting-edge design tools

RFEM is designed to make your life easier. Period. A fully integrated tool kit that comprises a CAD-like modelling environment that will get you modelling quickly, a suite of add-on modules that support all your design needs (including static and dynamic linear and non-linear design of steel, concrete, glass, aluminium and other materials) and world-class support to help you when you just can't figure it out without a little nudge in the right direction.