We make it as easy as possible to help you acquire the GEO5 range of products You decide whether to opt for an outright purchase or a lease-to-own option. With these options, it's now possible to get entire teams up and running with GEO5 quickly, without the large once-off capital outlay.

Note on purchases

All purchases are handled directly by Tessera. What this means for you is that a software purchase may take as little as 24 hours between payment confirmation and delivery. The creation of the software license files are handled within hours; and Tessera holds a number of physical hard locks at all times. This means that there are no delays with international postage and clearance at customs.

The Purchase option

This is your simplest option. You simply go to the GEO5 product description page to select the modules you want. You can also visit the GEO5 price list page for a price summary. Note that we recommend that you contact us at sales@tessera.co.za for a quote which will include the volume discounts and multiple license discounts.

Some things to remember:

  • Support and maintenance is included in the price of the modules for the first year. The option to continue the support and maintenance agreement must be explicitly selected by the customer from the beginning of the second year
  • Product upgrades are included as part of the maintenance agreement, ensuring that you always have the latest version of the software available
  • More information can be obtained on the Fine Software website

The Lease-to-Own option *

With this option, you can elect to pay for your software over a 24 month period. All our quotes include the lease option on the quote. However, you will need to comply with our requirements for financial documents to ensure that you qualify for the lease option.

Some things to remember:

  • A support and maintenance contract is mandatory for the lease option to be considered - the 1st year is included in the purchase price of the software, the second year will be added on with your quote
  • This option is simply designed to assist companies with cash flow restrictions - by utilising this option you can obtain the software immediately but amortise the payments over a 2 year period. Your monthly payment can also be expensed directly, rather than be treated as a capital purchase with a large cash outlay, followed by depreciation over 2 years.
  • It must be noted that you will own the software after 2 years, and you will have the option to decide what to do at this point in terms of the service agreement.
  • The Tessera lease option is not the same as the lease option offered by Fine Software. The Tessera option will still allow you to obtain the software at the price of a full purchase with applicable discounts, but with the ability to pay Tessera over a 2 year period

* The lease-to-own option is subject to our terms and conditions. Clients will be required to provide company financial data upon application.
** Remember that the prices shown on the website do not include VAT

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