ExtrAXION ExtrAXION is an easy to use quantity surveying and cost estimating software tool that includes all the functionality needed but none of the complexity , a perfect solution for the engineering industry professional.

ExtrAXION offers the ability to rapidly measure linear elements, areas, volumes and item counts, with great accuracy. It supports a large number of CAD (.dwg, .dxf etc.) and image files such as scanned drawings and digital photographs (.bmp, .gif, .jpg etc.) as well as multi-page PDF files. Measurements can be associated with Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) work items at any time, resulting in an automatic and comprehensive integration of the quantity takeoff and cost estimating procedures. WBS data can be imported from or exported to MS Excel and quantity takeoff and cost estimation results can also be extracted to MS Excel. ExtrAXION can be used by general contractors, architects, quantity surveyors, cost estimators and any professional in the construction trade involved in quantity takeoff and cost estimating.

Comparison of the features of ExtrAXION Standard and Professional versions

Feature Standard Professional
Supported drawing formats
Image files – “scanned” drawings (bmp, gif, jpg etc.)
Pdf drawings files
Vector files (dwg, dxf etc.)
Types and methods of measurement
Length, surface area, volume, item count
Measure by point selection
Use simple factors to adjust measurement results
Measure by object or block selection
Incorporate non-drawing measurements
Use Excel-like expressions to adjust measurement results
Create customized types of measurements
General parameters for all projects
Measurement organization – WBS
Measurement categories
Mark already measured parts of drawing
Build WBS or import it automatically from Excel
Duplicate measurement
Link measurements to a WBS work item
Link measurements to multiple WBS work items
Copy selected (or all) measurements from one drawing to another
Results – Data extraction and saving
Full measurement analysis. Surface area analysis to individual shapes
Extract measurement results to Excel
Extract WBS solely, or WBS including linked measurements, to Excel
Extract drawing with measurements in dwg, dxf, dgn, bmp, jpg, pdf and other formats
Other features – Measurement tools
Set drawing scale
Metric or Imperial units of measurement
Modify a measurement or continue it by addition or subtraction
Add/remove/move a node with automatic update of the measurement result
Draw curved lines
Zoom in/Zoom out/Magnifier/Zoom extents
Zoom window/Zoom-and-pan window
Set object snaps
Show/hide (selected or all) drawing layers and measurement layers
Measurement result analysis window
3d view of drawings with measurements

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